4 spring cleaning tips to freshen up your home and boost curb appeal

Who doesn’t love a clean, organized home? Here are a few tips that almost every homeowner can take advantage of to make the most out of their spring-cleaning efforts and reap the benefits all year long!

1. Make Sure Your Ceiling Fans Are Working Properly

When your fan starts squeaking in the middle of the night or begins to sound like it’s going to wobble off the ceiling, it’s time to investigate the cause. Ceiling fans can be an easy fix, as long as you know what you’re looking for without having to hire a handyman. Repairing a broken ceiling fan can ensure that it’s functioning properly and is doing its job correctly—keeping a room cool and air flowing properly.

However, if you discover issues with the fan’s motor or you continue to have problems after you’ve attempted repair, finding a replacement is the next best option. Installing a ceiling fan is something you can do yourself without the help of a professional. Just be sure that you invest in a quality fan and follow installation instructions properly. With the hot summer days ahead, you’ll be thankful you took the time to tend to your ceiling fans.


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