4 things you should never say to your boss

Having a good rapport with your superior is one thing, but getting too comfortable is another matter entirely. Before you get yourself into trouble at work, consider these four things you should never say to your boss.

“That’s not part of my job”

There’s nothing worse than someone who’s not a team player. If you are asked to take on a task that may not be part of your job description, never give your boss push back; this will result in you looking uncooperative. It is a rarity when an employee’s responsibilities stay within a certain job description. Everyone must chip in where necessary and contribute how they can to the company’s success. So if you’re asked to take on something new, show enthusiasm and knock it out of the park.

“At my last job we actually did it like this…”

It’s always good to learn from your experiences and take your background into consideration but every place of employment is different. If you repeatedly compare your current job to your last one, you may come across as a know-it-all. Take in new information and perform tasks you are given to the best of your ability without being confrontational. If you have experience or knowledge you’d like to share with others, do so in a manner that’s constructive and collaborative, instead of argumentative or aggressive.

“I’m bored”

You have been hired into your position because there is a need within the company, which means there is work to be done. Even if you have a slower day, find things to keep you busy, such as plan for upcoming meetings or get your workspace organized. If you communicate your boredom to your boss, don’t be surprised if they suddenly decide your position is unnecessary.

“I’m going through a break-up. I don’t feel like working”

We all go through ups and downs in our personal lives, but it’s always best to leave your home life at home. Sure you may have a bad day because of what is happening to you personally but leave it at the door because although you aren’t in the mood, the work still needs to be completed. Letting your private drama affect your productivity is a major turn off to a boss. If you need to vent or talk things out with someone, do so outside business hours.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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