4 travel tips for keeping your members connected and safe

If your members are among the 87 percent of Americans planning a vacation this summer, now is a perfect time to offer them a few tips on ways to keep their information and money safe. We all know travelling can be hectic and it can easy to forget to do things like setting up travel alerts, scheduling bill payments and safeguarding accounts against theft. Now, more than ever, keeping members’ data and accounts secure is a top priority for credit unions and your members will thank you for putting their travel safety top-of-mind (even if they forget to).

Here are some tips to share with your members before they head out on vacation:

1. Keep information and cards secure

Traveling means venturing into the unknown. That’s the fun of it, but it can also mean opening yourself up to theft, both physical and identity. Roughly 33 percent of identify fraud takes place during travel and in many cases could have been avoided with the right safety precautions. Remind your members that keeping their information and cards safe means:


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