4 ways you can hold on to your best employees

Keeping talent around is vital to growing a successful company. If you’re having an issue with employee retention, there could a number of reasons why employees are flying the coup. While there will always be some level of turnover, it hurts when good employees leave. Here are a few strategies for keeping those employees around.

Provide opportunities for growth: You have a talented staff that you’ve spent time training and cultivating. Don’t overlook inside options when you’re hiring for a new position. Who in your company is ready for a new challenge? Whenever a position is open, you should always consider your current staff first. Maybe you won’t always have the perfect person to fill the position, but sometimes you may realize that you have a great candidate already on the payroll with a relevant skillset that they’ve never had the chance to use before. This is a win-win for your company and the employee.

Give them a chance to speak their mind: Sometimes an employee leaves because they don’t feel like their opinions matter. Discuss with your employees any concerns they have about the business or the culture in the office. Be willing to hear new ideas and be available when employees need your assistance. Keep the lines of communication open and allow information to flow freely in both directions. An open communication policy will create happy employees.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Just like Aretha said, if you give your employees a little respect, you’ll find out what it means to them. Most employees have at least one or two horror stories involving a boss, so it’s your chance to be the exact opposite. A strong culture in your office leads to good experiences, and that’s the kind of place we all want to work.

Pay them well: You don’t have to back a Brink’s truck up to their house, but if you know a good employee is underpaid, don’t be surprised if they leave for greener pastures. Pay your top talent what they are worth, and show them how much they’re valued by your organization.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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