4 ways to avoid charity scams

It’s a great thing to want to help others, and making donations to charity is one great way to aid people in need. Giving to charity can bring about numerous benefits for causes and the people and places they benefit, but just like many things in life, donors should consider risk before giving. Scammers and unscrupulous groups use proven methods and continuously seek new ways to trick those interested in donating to charity. Attackers continue to race to the bottom. Therefore, it is imperative that as you prepare to give to good causes, you educate yourself on how to avoid being duped by fake charities and thieves. Consider the following helpful tips before you donate to a charity.

1. Research the Charity

When considering donating to charity, it’s important to first research the charity to which you’re interested in giving. Doing your due diligence with this first step can help lower the risk that often comes with charitable giving. Do an online search for ratings and reviews for charities you’re interested in donating to. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a simple internet search of a charity’s name followed by words like “ratings” “reviews” or “complaints” to see what details have been shared online can provide you with helpful information. If any of the online reviews concern you or if a charity you’re considering donating to has an excessive number of complaints, you may want to learn more about the charity or even reconsider your donation. You can also utilize sites such as CharityWatch, Charity Navigator, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, GuideStar or others to help conduct research on charities and make sure they are legitimate. To ensure your gift supports a cause you care about a not a criminal, make an informed decision.


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