5 reasons not to miss the 2017 CUNA Lending Council Conference

Where were you in 1995? Were you just starting your first big job? Were you still in school?

1995 was the first year of CUNA Lending Council Conference, and while a lot of fads from then have (fortunately) faded away, the conference is still going strong. As I write this, final preparations are being made for the 23rd Annual CUNA Lending Conference, to be held November 12-15, 2017, in Nashville.

What’s the secret to the event’s longevity? Value. Attendees encounter people, ideas, trends and perspectives that challenge their pre-conceived notions, expand their horizons and help them advance their careers.

For this year specifically, here are five things I’m excited about.

Exploring Issues

This is an event by and for credit union lenders, and the deep, eclectic lineup of breakout sessions reflects that. In the breakouts, conference attendees hear the latest news on important topics (regulations, economics, consumer behavior) and exclusive, actionable insights that will enhance their loan programs.

Some sessions for 2017 include:

  • Affordable Lending-A Good Business Decision
  • Making Indirect Members Full-Service Members
  • Bring Your Digital Lending into the End Zone
  • NCUA MBL Rule Implementation Update
  • Effectively Managing Today’s Compliance and Legal Hot Topics
  • New Regulatory Requirements Update and Expectations from the Trump Administration

Keynote Presentations

Speakers help define CUNA Lending Council Conference, and this year, our two keynoters will put the themes of resilience and resourcefulness front and center in lenders’ minds.

Jean Chatzky, best-selling author and financial editor of The Today Show, will share her positive philosophy towards advancement and growth, a worldview that will help lending professionals succeed in tough times. Closing out the conference, artist and author Phil Hanson will teach conference-goers how to “Embrace the Shake” and try new things in the face of limitations.


Each year, CUNA Lending Council uses their conference as a platform to celebrate exceptional lending talent with the CUNA Lending Council Awards. The awards ceremony inspires us with stories of credit unions their professionals whose dedication and ingenuity have resulted in remarkable achievements.

If you want to see what’s possible in your field, you can’t miss it. (View the categories and make a nomination here.)


Because it concentrates the nationwide credit union lending community in one place, this conference is an incredible venue for networking. Four days may not seem like a lot of time to meet people, but by the end of the conference, you end up with tons of new contacts who face the same struggles you do and discuss solutions.

You’ll gain friends, collaborators and—most crucially—partners in your quest to provide better loans to members.

The Unexpected 

My favorite experiences at CUNA Lending Council Conference have been the ones I didn’t anticipate. With so many lending professionals, so many sessions and so many issues to cover, your conference experience is bound to take a few unexpected turns.

Maybe you and your new friends will take a tour of Nashville when the conference adjourns for the day, or perhaps you’ll bump into a vendor whose product is the perfect solution you need to streamline your lending operations.

Who can say for sure what will happen? All I know is, those who attend CUNA Lending Council Conference will see why this event has been going strong for 23 years—and will continue to for years to come.

To learn more and register, visit cunacouncils.org/lendingconference.

Bob Stowell

Bob Stowell

Bob Stowell is Senior Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer for Firefly Credit Union, a $1B+ financial cooperative serving the Greater Twin Cities Community. In his role, Bob leads the credit ... Web: https://www.fireflycu.org Details