5 college students share what they love (and hate) about their current bank

Recently, I spoke with several college students (and a couple recent graduates) about their current financial institution — what they liked, and what they didn’t. Here’s what they said:

Chapel, 22, Fifth Third Bank: “My favorite thing is my bank’s great mobile app — it’s easy to check balances, and even easier to deposit checks virtually. I’ve never had an issue doing that in five years. But my original account there was for kids, and I got locked out of my savings once. I need to find a way to transition away from that, now that I’m an adult. ”

Jaspreet, 19, BB&T: “I don’t do anything complicated and don’t really deal with too much of the financial aspect right now, but it’s always easy to manage in-person and online. They’ve messed up some transactions, though.”

Tegan, 22, Wells Fargo: “I think the Wells Fargo mobile banking app is very useful and user-friendly! But… I don’t know, big banks are a little sus.” (Author’s note: “Sus” is slang for suspicious, sketchy or something to be skeptical of. ) 

Tyler, 21, PNC: “They don’t charge overdraft fees for students! But their mobile app is always down.”

Catherine, 23, Chase: “They have a good credit card plan, user-friendly mobile apps and it’s easy to use anywhere in the country. My least favorite thing is that I don’t actually have a personal relationship with anyone there.”

I also asked: What are some things that would make you consider switching banks? Here’s what they said they’d be looking for:

  • Better rates
  • A smaller, more local institution
  • Convenience and accessibility
  • Security of their accounts
  • Switching to a not-for-profit institution

Mobile banking, better rates, personal relationships — how are you winning over Gen Zers and millennials?

We aren’t a research institute or some market intelligence company. We’re a group of college students from Duke University who believe in the credit union movement. In the past year, we surveyed over 500 college students. 76% of them didn’t even know what a credit union was – and we want to help.

Together, we built Zogo: a gamified, reward-based financial literacy app that helps credit unions engage and attract Gen Z. Since then, our app has won multiple awards, including the 2019 NACUSO next big idea competition and the best of show at Finovate 2019. As Gen Zers ourselves, we know how to engage this demographic.


Visit www.zogofinance.com to see how our solution fits your organization and to schedule a demo with one of our committed onboarding specialists.

Bolun Li

Bolun Li

Bolun Li is the founder & CEO of Zogo, the award-winning Fin-Tech startup that gamifies financial literacy, specifically for Gen Z and next-gen audiences. Bolun started Zogo from his dorm ... Web: https://www.zogofinance.com Details