5 insights for CUNA’s volunteer events in 2018

When you are considering attending volunteer events, there are several different factors to consider, most of all being “How would going to one of these events help me?” Luckily, we’ve weighed these options and come away with a few different considerations for you. Consider these five insights for Credit Union National Association (CUNA) volunteer events in 2018.


A lot of board training has great speakers and sessions but one takeaway I see attendees valuing is the designation. Becoming a Certified Credit Union Volunteer proves your dedication to advancing your professional career and your credit union, while learning information that will help you be a more informed board member.


The connections I’ve seen attendees make with their fellow volunteers at our learning events is something to highlight. When talking to past attendees, they are always talking about the great people they’ve met and connections they’ve formed that through our programs. Credit unions from around the country and even worldwide come together to share their experiences with each other. This opens your mind up to other points of view and situations that you may not have considered. You’ll leave a CUNA event with a network of peers that you can count on for years to come.

Hot topic discussions

I always make sure to keep credit union needs top of mind when creating the schedule for the volunteer programs. We strive to incorporate attendee feedback into the sessions that are created. It’s important to us that volunteers are staying up to date on the latest trends in the industry and that attendees get fresh information from year to year. We focus on weaving in fundamental knowledge and new topics for discussion so credit unions can continue to thrive.

Industry expert insights

It is important to us that attendees are getting insights from the best in the business. We strive to bring in some of the top minds in the credit union industry from around the country to guide credit union professionals through their professional journey. Many speakers have decades of valuable experience that they are ready to pass on to attendees and will continue to come back and speak at CUNA events because of their passion for the movement and the connections that they’ve made.

Premier pricing

If you are a CUNA member, there is another incentive for your participation. You receive significant savings. There’s also added value when a group of volunteers attends an event together. We want our training to be affordable for everyone to get the knowledge they need to be the most successful in their role.

There are a lot of training opportunities out there, and I encourage you to take advantage of a CUNA event. We have a full line up of upcoming training opportunities for you to check out on our website. I hope to see you at an upcoming event! You won’t regret it.

Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson is Manager of CUNA’s Associate Business Membership program. Her primary role is to engage with system providers who support CUNA’s purpose of promoting the common interests ... Web: www.cuna.org Details