5 mistakes that are killing your customer surveys

Chances are, you’re already using surveys to track your financial institution’s performance or to analyze your market, but are you really getting the most out of them?

Customer surveys not only allow you to take the pulse of your market—they can also help you retain current customers and increase customer satisfaction. When a borrower is given the opportunity to provide feedback, they feel that your institution actually values their opinion.

Well-written questions are critical for a survey’s completion rate and success at providing accurate, actionable information. The way you ask your questions can shape your respondents’ perspective on the topic and may even cause them to unintentionally provide inaccurate answers. Good survey questions should allow for thoughtful answers without leading the respondent, and should not leave them feeling angry or confused.

Writing an effective survey can be challenging, but if you avoid these common survey writing mistakes, you will have a great survey in no time.


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