5 quick tips for working smarter not harder in 2022

As we close out 2021, many things will change in the new year; there will also be many things that will stay the same. With millions of Americans either working from home, hybrid, or fully back in the office, teams must lean on one another for advice, support, and direction. Below are five quick tips to help keep you focused while working regardless of location.

  1. Upkeep a designated workspace: Whether you are at home or in the office, creating a designated workstation is crucial as it will help you stay productive, uphold motivation, and maintain a sense of normalcy. Your primary needs must be accommodated.
  2. Set a routine: Being home all day or back in the office full-time can make it hard to establish boundaries and remain organized. Creating a realistic weekly routine makes it easier to stay on track and accomplish tasks. Continue waking up early, eating breakfast and lunch at regular times, and taking breaks throughout the day. The goal is to keep your schedule as normal as possible, so you feel less disorganized and more determined to do your best work.
  3. Dress for success: If you are remote, staying in your pajamas might seem appropriate, but getting dressed before starting your workday is important. If you are back in the office full-time, dust off your best business casual outfits and put your best foot forward. By doing so, you will be more motivated to do work, connected to the rest of the working world, and prepared to attend meetings.
  4. Monitor your Security platforms: If your company or IT team is experiencing (or expecting) capacity concerns, investing in a third-party managed security services platform can help provide extra security layers for your credit union. Additionally, you should consider a platform with a 24/7 SOC Service, which quickly addresses cybersecurity needs and strengthens IT operations.
  5. Establish a cut-off time: Knowing when to close your laptop is probably a hard decision you face each day. It is important that you set, and stick to, a time to stop working and attend to your evening routine. According to an article by Microsoft Office, “a recent study of 1,400 information workers commissioned by Microsoft found that 40 percent of people work outside of regular hours in a way that interferes with family time.” Of course, we all strive to finish as much work as possible, but maintaining a healthy balance is vital – especially in our current climate. 

Finding the perfect balance between personal life and work life is almost impossible. Now, more than ever, prioritizing tasks, communicating frequently, and more are lifelines for remote teams. If your credit union has had some trouble adapting to this new normal, be reassured that you are not alone. However, you have a big responsibility to ensure that your employees find that healthy balance. Now is time we all be reflective and prioritize rest and preparation to be geared up for 2022.

Krystal Rennie

Krystal Rennie

Krystal Rennie is the Communications Manager for Adlumin Inc., a cybersecurity firm based in Washington, D.C. She is an experienced marketing and public relations professional with a demonstrated history ... Web: https://adlumin.com Details