5 reasons risk management people are brilliant

by: Anthony Demangone

Yesterday, I spoke with nearly 200 risk management people attending NAFCU’s Regulatory Compliance School.

I use the term “risk management” to include internal auditors, compliance professionals, and those with “risk management” in their title. All of them spot risk at your credit union and help tap it down.

I simply love risk management peeps, and I’ll tell you why.

  1. Devotion. As a group, these guys are extremely dedicated to their job, their credit union, and their industry. Our compliance school is not easy. It is a series of long days and tough tests. But every year, tons of people roll in to improve themselves. I once had a speaker who usually talks to bankers address risk management peeps at our Compliance Seminar.  He emailed me afterwards, wondering if I had played a joke on him. He said he had never seen a group of people more into learning at a conference. After each break, they asked pointed questions. He said they simply cared about their jobs and about learning. I said, welcome to the world of credit union risk management. 
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