5 tips on staying competitive from industry leaders

When we asked leading CEOs to talk about the future of the workplace at the recent CEOs and Senior Executives Conference, we got a lot more. We got their insights on what it will take to compete with that workforce (wherever it lives and gathers), and the kinds of opportunities that are ripe for the taking. Here are their top tips for gaining a competitive advantage this year.

1.  Stay aggressive when others are tentative

Our CEOs were unapologetic about pursuing growth during the crisis, and made it clear that they’re angling for more. And they didn’t mind dancing on the missteps of banking competitors. One leader said that a growth emphasis served their institution well coming out of the global financial crisis, and running the same playbook during pandemic response was equally advantageous. Another made clear that maintaining continuity of service while some competing banks closed branches led to market growth.

2.  Think twice about grading performance on a curve

Unprecedented disruption called for unprecedented shifts in not just how work is done, but on how results are measured. But there’s a risk of getting too comfortable with fuzzier expectations. Leniency in the face of unusual circumstances has an expiration date.


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