5 unavoidable leadership mistakes you will make


Your staff is not perfect and it’s important you take their missteps with a grain of salt. Don’t blow up every time an employee makes a mistake; this will only worsen the problem and cause them to feel even more discouraged. Instead, discuss what happened in detail and ways to avoid similar hiccups in the future.

Not delegating

As a leader, you may feel the need to take on more than you should. Many of us want to do all the work to ensure it is done correctly. This is a surefire way to get overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, as a manager, take advantage of your staff’s talents. Find which employees are best for certain tasks and delegate responsibilities. They will feel valued and you will feel less bogged down.

Opposing change

One of the worst leadership mistakes you can make is resisting change, because with change comes innovation and creativity. Don’t get set in your ways. Encourage your staff to bring new ideas to the table and always look for ways to be more efficient and productive. If you resist making changes and continue to type away on that typewriter, rest assured someone more imaginative will be waiting in the wings to take your place.

Doubting decisions

There is a reason why we are so often told to “go with your gut.” It’s because more often than not our first instinct is the right one. We all second-guess ourselves, but as a leader you should be confident in the decisions you make for your team. Even though it can be difficult to know the right course of action, once you decide on something, do not look back.

Failing to give credit

When your staff feels valued, they are happy and motivated. If you fail to pat them on the back for work done well, they will undoubtedly resent you. This may affect their feelings about their place at the company. Make sure when an employee is successful or the team as a whole reaches a goal, give them the proper credit. Bonuses, incentives, or even kind words of gratitude and congrats are vital to employee morale.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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