5 value-based reasons you should join a credit union

A study of 10,000 millennials showed the four most hated brands were banks. This is probably why many of us have turned to alternative nonbanks and startups. However, credit unions are the original banking alternative that shares many of your values.

Do you think you could join a credit union?

Millennials who have accounts with credit unions are happier customers. An industry study found 81% of millennials believe their credit union provides “outstanding customer service” compared to 59% of bank customers. According to CUNA, there are now over 130 million credit union members.

A good place to start is knowing the differences between credit unions and banks. For one, credit unions are not-for-profit. This means profit is not the sole purpose for the existence of the business. And yes, credit unions are businesses serving a need by offering financial products and services. They happen to do it differently than banks.


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