5 ways to turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied member

Keeping your Membership happy and meeting all of their needs can be a tight rope to walk on from time to time, however, in most cases the issue or problem can be resolved easily and with much less hassle than we sometimes expect.  It may not always be the best part of your job but if handled correctly it can be your biggest return.

Don’t avoid the Issue

Handling an issue the same day, if not preferably immediately will help to keep the issue from exploding into more than one problem and will allow your Member to realize that not only do you have their best interest at heart but you want to do your best to make the CU the best it can be.

Listen to the Member and their issue

Listening is easy, just sit back and take in the words and emotions that the Member is expressing.  Do not interrupt and do not make a quick rush to judgment. Often times Members just want to know that you hear their concerns and that you are willing to take the time and think about how they feel.  Sometimes the issue may not be something you can change or make better, but having the connection with the Member over a particular subject and making your Member aware that you care and understand goes a long way.

Think about it!

When the Member has finished expressing their concerns and or their problem, think about it!  Don’t instantly jump in with a response-give yourself a moment to actually comprehend what they are saying and determine if a solution exists.  As a side note, not every issue or concern that a Member has requires a policy change, training or a new process to be created, it just needs to be explained from the CU’s point of reference.

Be Understanding!

No matter what the solution or decision that comes about from the Member issue, make sure to express the CU’s perspective.  Explain the issue from your side and the reasons behind it.  Listening and learning is an ever present and growing part of life.   We all should be willing to listen and learn-often times we will grow from these experiences.

Solve it, Be open!

Sometimes the solution may be the discussion with the Member but always remain open-if someone takes the time to bring a concern or issue to you then give yourself permission to be open and really think about the remarks-put yourself in their shoes-don’t get stuck in-“this is the way it’s been done and that is the way it will continue”.  Also do not be afraid to ask for time to gather your thoughts and concerns on the issue and try to look at all aspects.  Be sure to get back with the Member and let them know what your thoughts are in connection with their concerns.  Not connecting back with the Member will jeopardize the entire process and will not help to satisfy the Member, even if you decided to make changes in regards to the Member’s issue.

In the world we work and live in, things seem to be constantly changing and a new problem is popping up every few hours, sometimes even minutes!  It’s important as leaders to think about everything involved and not just what is on our to-do list.  Keeping an open door and the willingness to sit and listen goes a long way and builds life- long relationships, both personally and professionally.  In order for us to grow, we must be alert to our surroundings and always be willing to change.

Without Growth and Change, life and CU’s will fade away, with change and growth CU’s will THRIVE!

ACT     Listen     Think     Understand     Solve     Grow

Darrin Myers

Darrin Myers

Darrin Myers is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Loudoun Credit Union in Leesburg, Virginia.  Darrin has been with LCU since October of 2006 and was promoted to CEO in ... Web: https://loudouncu.com Details