6 tips to reach even bigger goals

2019 was one of best years my organization has had in its 50+ year history. We saw tremendous growth, launched a number of new products to better serve our members, and achieved big victories with our advocacy. So after a stellar year, where do we go from here?

It can be intimidating to plot new goals after a successful year. You question whether you’ll actually be able to hit them, especially considering how hard you and your team worked to achieve those you set last year. To instill faith in your efforts, leadership guru Karin Hurt outlines six tips to help you accomplish more than you thought possible:

  1. Break down the numbers. Big numbers are daunting, even if everyone on your team is working toward it. By simplifying the goal to what each person will have to contribute, the ask seems more reasonable. As individual goals are met, employees will gain confidence and want to keep pushing for more.
  2. Then stop talking about the numbers. Throughout the year, you’ll evaluate your company’s progress toward hitting goals. Updating employees on that progress is important to create a sense of urgency and responsibility, but talking too much about the numbers can make it seem hypothetical. Instead, try talking about the behaviors that are helping you reach that goal.


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