7 Questions that Begin the Creative Process

by. Joe Swatek

You’ve seen some version of this cartoon. A character paints a sign that says “Plan Ahead,” but runs out of space on the wall or sign.

Have you ever been in a situation where this cartoon becomes reality?

I’ve mentioned creative calls before and even wrote a complete post on the topic. I’ve always found when everyone gets together to discuss a project before beginning, it’s a great help. Sometimes a comment I hear a client say becomes the basis for a headline or a bit of copy in the campaign. Very productive.

But there are times when I wonder why we scheduled the call. The group at the other end obviously hasn’t prepared or answered basic questions about the campaign.

They talk among themselves, sometimes even argue, while they completely ignore everyone else on the call for large chunks of time.

This sort of problem can be avoided if the group — marketing department, product department, IT staff, executives — gets together, formally or informally, BEFORE there’s a big creative meeting. For the entire crew, this seven-point checklist is a great start…

1. What product are you promoting? Sounds like a no-brainer question, but I’ve heard that question answered,”Well, what do you guys think?” Focus on specific accounts and don’t mix different types of products in one promotion.

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