7 reasons veterans should use a VA loan to finance their home

Buying a home can be a stressful process, however, qualifying for a Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgage loan may make the homebuying process easier as there are many perks that the average homebuyer doesn’t receive. Active military members, veterans, and surviving spouses may be eligible for VA loans.

Since VA loans are guaranteed by the federal government, veterans often receive a better interest rate than they would receive with a conventional loan.

As a military veteran, you have worked hard and made unimaginable sacrifices to protect our country and freedom. It’s only fair that you receive some benefits in return including buying and refinancing a home.

Here are the top seven reasons military veterans should use a VA loan to finance their home:

1. No down payment required.

One huge benefit of using a VA loan to finance your home is a down payment is not required.


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