7 Simple Social Media Fixes For Credit Union Marketers

The Financial Brand recently completed an audit of the social media activities from 600 different banks and credit unions. What we found was shocking: busted links, links to abandoned accounts, incomplete and empty profile information — an array of simple and obvious mistakes that could (and should) have been fixed long ago.

“Psshawww,” you may scoff. “This advice is definitely not for me. Is it?”

Oh yes it is.

Before you start patting yourself on the back thinking you’ve got everything under control, you should know that The Financial Brand found 1 out of every 5 financial institutions had at least one glaring problem.

A tsunami of talk has washed over the financial industry about how banks and credit unions need to use social media to “build relationships” and “engage consumers.” But many financial marketers have much more fundamental issues with social media they need to address before worrying about the subtler aspects. The following advice may feel obvious and a bit remedial, but it’s still a good reminder that there is much, much more to social media than just creating an account. And yes, the little details really do matter.

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