7 ways to show great leadership in tough times

Talk about tough times. Man. This is craziness, right? Never has the need for great leadership been more clear.

I mean, what in the great wide world is going on? (And yes, I realize that answers may vary depending on your cable news network of choice; and no, I don’t really care which one you watch. I love you just the same.)

This ain’t our first rodeo

There have been viruses before, sure. And there have certainly been pandemics before. Heck, in the past, there were plagues that wiped out vast portions of the planet’s population. I’m looking at you, Bubonic Plague, in both your Justinian and Black Death iterations (estimated 25-50 million and then 75-200 million deaths, respectively).

There’s no such thing as pandemic-proof leadership (but hey, there’s a catchy blog post title, no?), and none of us is immune to the worry, stress, and uncertainty that times like these bring.

But know this, my friends. We can, and will get through this. Together.


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