8 thoughts on time management: working more efficiently

by: Anthony Demangone

Last week, I wrote a few thoughts on how to squeeze a few more moments out of each work day. All of this was in response to a survey you completed that outlined your challenges.

Here’s the lovely chart, in case you forgot.  These are your personal challenges in 2015.

Now that we’ve discussed how to get more productive time out of the day, how can we work more efficiently?

  1. Stop multi-taskingResearch has shown that focusing on one thing at a time unlocks a great deal of productivity. I use FocusBooster – a free work took that helps me focus on tasks for 25 uninterrupted minutes.  The results are impressive.
  2. Know when to say when What does success look like? Once you hit it, stop. You’ve heard the 20/80 rule, correct? The first 20 percent of effort usually gets you 80 percent of the way there. Depending on the project, that might be enough. You can group your M&Ms by color before you eat them, but they still taste the same. Don’t do work that doesn’t matter in the end.
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