8 trends that will reshape the fintech landscape in 2019

As fintech disruptors change how everything works, banks and financial institutions are either partnering with them or developing and deploying their own solutions.

With the world becoming one enormous marketplace, we have seen a constant change in how businesses take place. This has been further fueled by new technologies and rapidly evolving customer expectations. Even the highly regulated banking and finance sector has in recent times witnessed the constant metamorphosis of its business models to stay ahead in disruptive times.

When it comes to the financial services ecosystem, the fintech industry plays a significant role in determining how the sector moves forward. Fintech disruptors are changing how everything works – lending, payments, insurance, credit settlements, and more. In response, banks and traditional financial institutions are either partnering with fintech companies or developing and deploying their own solutions. Backing that up, a PwC report titled Financial services technology 2020 and beyond: Embracing disruption states that global investments in fintech have more than tripled since 2014 to cross $12 billion. With fintech solutions playing a significant role in the financial services value chain, let’s see what’s in store for 2019:

Intelligent banking channels

Financial service providers are tailoring each channel to adapt intelligently to deliver the next level of personalisation for users performing banking activities. By studying customer patterns and behaviours, banks can personalise the interface to suit specific usage preferences. This will translate into a unique usage journey for every end user; early adopter banks stand to gain a competitive edge because of the level of personalisation and end-user satisfaction offered.


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