A Better You, or a New You?

by Anthony Demangone

When I’ve read one-too-many spreadsheets, or when the thought of another decision turns my stomach, I turn to sports radio.

It is simple.  Enjoyable. And perhaps mindless.  The perfect island get-away when I need to clear my mind. 

Earlier this week, Mike and Mike graced my radio dial. The discussion concerned the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.  He just signed a $108 million contract extension.  And believe it or not, the dollar amount didn’t catch my attention.  It was this comment from team owner, Jerry Jones.

Jones said he and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett would love to see Romo spend the majority of his waking hours at the team facility.

“If Tony, for instance, would be here Monday through Saturday . . . from seven in the morning to six o’clock at night all over this place then that’s better than the way it’s been,” Jones said. “We’ll have more success, and Jason believes that. It’s certainly at quarterback but he believes it at the other positions. Tony is going to have more time, more presence, not only in the offseason but when the season starts, beginning Monday, assuming we played Sundays. He’s going to have more time on the job. A part of what we agreed with was extra time on the job, beyond the norm.”  

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