A call to action

February was another great month for DCUC! We enjoyed broadcasting our successful Defense Matters Forum. We were featured in the opening session of the CUNA GAC. We sponsored the NCUF Celebration, spoke with the Cooperative Trust Crashers, and were a co-host of the highly anticipated THUNDERPUNCH event. Plus, we had a board meeting in the middle of it all!

I am very proud of the DCUC staff and the work they have done in getting us to this point. They work diligently in bringing you more value for your dues dollar and have implemented many great ideas for moving our Council forward. With more changes on the horizon, we are excited about what the next few months will bring!

That said, I want to reiterate some emerging themes that I keep hearing around the industry and in conversations with fellow executives. In fact, these are becoming a clear call to action.

The first call to action is to tell our stories in as many venues as possible. We need stories that highlight how we are serving people of modest means. Stories on ways we offered help to those who have suffered loss. Plus, stories about those who have achieved success. These are our lifeblood and anytime we share a story, it reinforces our ethos and commitment to industry principles. Especially as we advocate on Capitol Hill, at the NCUA, or inside the Pentagon.


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