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- by Kevin Martin, AACUC

Financial strategy starts with the member

In the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank (SBV) collapse, many financial institutions are reconfirming their financial strategy; looking for cracks in their risk management armor. Although SVB’s business model was unique, particularly when [...]

- by Erin Coleman, AACUC

The power of women coming together

When I was a little girl, my two biggest fears were tornadoes and nuclear war. I grew up in East TN (tornado alley) near the plant that generates the explosive material for nuclear warheads. As [...]

- by Maurice Smith, AACUC

AACUC is a lab for emerging leaders

There is a saying that leaders are not born but are made. This is to suggest that leadership is a trait that can be taught. If this is so, individuals seeking a leadership post should [...]

- by Maurice Smith, AACUC

Reflections on the future

I am rounding the corner on my professional career. After 43 years of working in the credit union movement, I am getting prepared for a new season. I recently shared with a few colleagues the [...]

- by Jim Hayes, State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU)

Transformational mindset: Leading change

Coming into SECU recently, I knew that our Board had a few things they wanted to accomplish. They were committed to meeting our members where they are, providing them with products and services to meet [...]

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AACUC announces 25th Anniversary Legacy Conference

The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) has partnered with CUNA Mutual Group, a leader in insurance, investment and technology services for credit unions and members, to sponsor the 25th Anniversary AACUC Annual Conference taking place [...]

NASCUS and AACUC announce mutual membership alliance

The National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) and the African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) proudly announce a mutual membership alliance designed to strengthen the state credit union system and enhance diversity, equity, and [...]