A different approach to resolutions

As we come back to the office from the winter holidays, one thing likely on our minds is sticking to New Year’s resolutions. We all start the year with aspirations to lead better, healthier lives, but it can be difficult to maintain those goals and the pressure of keeping them only adds stress.

That’s why this blog from leadership coach Alli Polin caught my eye. Instead of making resolutions, Polin advocates for embracing a word to guide your year. Her word for the year: Flow.

“…flow is about going with the flow, finding flow, and creating flow from places of resistance,” she writes.

From a business standpoint, “flow” is a great tactic. Leaders of organizations and teams are constantly balancing responsibilities – from responding to emails to addressing employee concerns to developing strategy and motivating teammates to accomplish it. But keeping a sense of “flow” can help you deal with the unexpected as things arise.


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