A letter from the CEO: A year of challenges and opportunity

Last year I wrote that it was hard to believe it’s the end of another year. In contrast, this year sometimes felt it would never end. It’s cliché to say that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, both personally and professionally, but it’s true – and I want to thank everyone who weathered the storm with us.

I’m especially proud of our team and how quickly we adapted and rose to this year’s situation. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we promptly emptied our offices, sent team members home, and worked together as a remote team – many of us for the first time. Despite everyone uprooting their work environments and lives, we never missed a beat. New initiatives, product updates, and marketing campaigns were rolled out at a record pace. We built new policies and procedures, adapted as a team, and utilized our offshore resources. All of which forced us to mature and strengthen as an organization.

With credit union branches either closed or empty throughout the nation, fewer members were walking through their doors. Perhaps now more than ever, valuable data and actionable insights are the lifeblood of credit unions, allowing them to maintain contact, sell new products, and deliver meaningful service. These changing norms have strengthened Trellance’s commitment to be the leading provider of data analytics and business intelligence solutions, and we are proud to have assisted credit unions through such an unprecedented time.


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