A network in a time of need: Credit unions go national when disaster strikes

If we take only one lesson away from 2020, it’s that disasters are going to happen. However, knowing what form those disasters will take and when they will occur is virtually impossible. A year ago, no one would have predicted that the United States would face a deadly pandemic, a massive Gulf Coast hurricane and wildfires engulfing the West Coast. And yet here we are.

PSCU CEO Chuck Fagan told Karen Webster in a recent conversation that his company has spent much of this year helping credit unions (CUs) navigate these disasters and challenges. Those efforts culminated with the National Credit Union Foundation’s recent launch of the CUAid Disaster Recovery App, in collaboration with PSCU.


“One of the most important things in a disaster for a credit union member is still feeling connected with their credit union,” Fagan said. “Having control of their financial life is such an important component of dealing with uncertainty and with tragic events like hurricanes and wildfires.”

Credit union membership is a unique relationship in the financial services ecosystem. Members place a particularly high premium on trusting that their CU will be there for them when they need it most.


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