A real friend helps you move

by. Joseph Winn

When you need to get a couch from Point A to Point B, how many pizzas are ordered?

What about for a website?

We are currently in the process of migrating a site from its test server to a production one. There’s not enough pizza in Florida to make it seem easy. True, it shouldn’t be difficult, and content is easily transferred. The issue always crops up in “something else”. Whether it be a DNS issue, random slowdowns, database access struggles, a simple project always winds up being much more complicated.

Moral? Moving sites is a pain, and I’m happy it is, ahem, nearly complete.

Ok, scratch that, another issue cropped up.  Always an adventure!

Having a well-defined process for any project you undertake makes quite the difference in eliminating wasted time, as well as keeping you sane!  Of course, despite all your planning, things can still emerge unexpectedly.  Just remember to keep your focus on the business, and not in it.

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