A slight push, encouragement, and freedom

by. Anthony Demangone

It was a bright, sunny day. We call those “Park Days” in our house.

But this one was a bit different for my son, Briggs.

The evening before, I had removed the training wheels from his bicycle.  As I loaded the car, I could see he was excited. And maybe a bit nervous.

I gave him a few tips, helped him get on the bike, and gave a slight push.


As you can see from the picture, all went well. Even with a few crashes, Briggs was quickly on his way to becoming a 5-year-old daredevil. (Here’s a video (Vimeo) of Briggs riding.)

A few words of encouragement, a slight push, and Briggs took over from there. It is hard to explain how I felt when I saw him after his first ride. He was proud. Excited. Happy. And rarin’ to go again.

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