A winning playbook for reducing your auto insurance rate

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! I get pretty excited about the culmination of football season, and while I’m disappointed my former team, the Green Bay Packers, didn’t make the cut, you can bet I’ll be rooting for Kansas City next Sunday.

As you can imagine, I relate a lot of things in my life to football. To succeed and thrive, you need a winning playbook to guide your decision-making process. If paying less for auto insurance is a goal you want to tackle, here are some of my go-to plays for reducing your rates:

1. Don’t Skip Leg Day

One valuable lesson I learned in the NFL—you don’t skip leg day. Conditioning off the field not only helps you hit harder when you need to, it also keeps your muscles limber, which helps protect them from injury when you’re the one being tackled.

Buying auto insurance is like leg day. It’s one of those necessary expenses that most drivers would probably prefer to skip altogether—until they are involved in an accident and realize that their auto insurance policy saved them thousands of dollars and helped to put them behind the wheel of a replacement vehicle.


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