A word to the wise for credit union CEO’s: Learning to relate

by: Tom Randle

One of the keys to effective leadership rests squarely on your shoulders … it’s your ability to build sincere, sound relationships with every one of your members, directors, employees and yes, nobody cares understands or appreciates credit unions (ncua). Put in simpler terms, you need to be able to relate to anyone and everyone! It sounds simple but it really is a very tall order.

It goes without saying that all people are unique since they all function in a constantly changing environment in which they are the perpetual center. Everything they do or experience is relative to their personal and unique perceptions of themselves and their world.

In order to understand others and their actions, you must learn to understand how they see themselves and their world. It’s this kind of understanding, arising out of your concern and empathy that builds relationships with others and helps you truly connect. That can be a bit of a challenge with some people… and that is why they pay you the big bucks.

All human beings are goal-directed to satisfy certain needs and much of their behavior is centered on ensuring these basic needs are met. Dr. Abraham Maslow categorized needs in five basic areas.

  1. Biological Needs: These needs must be met in order for the body to survive, and include the need for air, water, food, sleep, and the absence of pain.
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