Advance C-suite diversity with 3 mindful people practices

Credit unions can leverage culture audits, employee resource groups and personalized benefit packages.

Credit unions are making steady progress in the pursuit of greater diversity on boards and in C-suites. There is still room for improvement, of course, and it’s encouraging to see the many different leaders rolling up their sleeves to help credit union executives diversify their top talent.

Succession plans are becoming a popular area of focus for the experts who are collaborating with credit unions on diversity, equity and inclusion advancement. After all, executives and board volunteers move on. To continue to reap the benefits of diverse leadership, credit unions must be prepared to backfill with fresh, and equally diverse, perspectives.

Strategically diversifying an organization’s up-and-comers takes intention and mindful changes to hiring practices and internal operations, not to mention attraction and retention programs. Here are a few of the approaches credit unions can implement as they apply the principles of DEI to leadership continuity.


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