Are we confident enough?

by: Anthony Demangone

Never say never.

That is one of my favorite sayings, and I muttered it to myself a few times recently.

  • Sears is on the ropes. (Business Insider) This was THE place to shop. And their annual catalogue was a huge event in my life. I remember paging through it and circling things as I built my list for Old Saint Nick.
  • Budweiser, despite all their marketing deals, is steadily losing ground to micro-brews. The following chart came from the Wall Street Journal. 

People have choices now. Where they get their information. How they consume things.

I bet that forty years ago, if you said Sears would some day become irrelevant, people would roll their eyes.

I’m sure that twenty years ago, if you told the folks brewing Budweiser to be worried about the small breweries, many might have scoffed at the idea.

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