Are you too busy?

by: Anthony Demangone

I don’t recall when I started reading stuff by Chris Brogan.  He fires an email into my in-box every week or so. They are always good, but one recently was golden.

I’d link to his post, but he doesn’t always write them that way. As far as I could tell, his recent post on being busy was only in email format.

Chris often writes about taking control of your life. We complain that we’re too busy to do this or that, often pointing to someone or something else as the culprit. Chris doesn’t buy it.

In a recent post, he argues that no one is too busy. Period. Again, I can’t link to it, so I’ll share some of the best parts that I received. I urge you to check out his page and sign up.

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves and others, is that we are “too busy.”

You’re not. We’re not. Pull up a mug of something and let’s talk about it. I’ve got a nice hot cup of cocoa, because I’m snuggled into a cab in the woods in Maine with Jacq. What are you drinking?

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