Back in the credit union saddle with NCUF’s Executive Director Gigi Hyland


There are some things in this world that are just good without question: chocolate in any form, Hawaiian sunsets (probably sunrises, too), a baby’s laugh, red Ferraris, and Gigi Hyland returning to the credit union industry — this time as the National Credit Union Foundation’s Executive Director. After getting settled in her new position, we caught up with Gigi to discuss her new responsibilities, goals, and challenges to enhance the effectiveness of the NCUF and its diverse industry outreach efforts.

We also talked about today’s pressing issues credit unions face along with her expert advice as 2014 approaches, bringing with it a few significant hurdles in Q1 alone. We also found out what she’s been up to in between her jobs at the NCUA and now at the NCUF. No, she didn’t climb Everest or swim from Cuba to Florida. Turns out, she’s been quite busy giving back to her community during her well-deserved sabbatical. Always a pleasure visiting with Gigi and talking about her endless passion for this industry. Enjoy the show!


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