Bad boss behavior (and what you can do to avoid it)

If you’re a manager or a leader of your business, you probably feel the pressure to be a good boss. However, the adjective “good” is a relative term. There are many obvious qualities of good leaders, and there’s no shortage of blogs and articles that give managers tips and tools on being effective leaders. But, today I want to talk about the characteristics of bad bosses. Movies such as Office Space and Horrible Bosses, and the popular sitcom, The Office, are pillars of pop culture and do a great job of putting a comedic spin on not-so-great bosses, but your skills as a leader are no joking matter.

When 75% of employees believe that their boss is the worst and most stressful part of their job, I think we can all agree that this is one majority we don’t want to be a part of! No ones wants to work for a bad boss. They certainly won’t give you their best effort, and they will be out the door at the first opportunity. In fact, 33% of employees with bad managers admitted to not putting in maximum effort.

Avoid these qualities and you can avoid being dropped into the bad boss category.

1. You Don’t Motivate

Motivating your employees is a key factor in being an effective leader. Your employees look up to you to set the tone of their working environment and to care about their professional development. If you’re only focusing on production or your bottom line, you’re missing the boat.

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