Be a better leader now

Last night I went to bed with every intention of getting up to work out. The only problem is I did not take into consideration the unyielding comfort of my bed on a fall morning in the Nevada desert. It’s funny how we can set a goal and something as simple as sleep can keep us from achieving it. Leadership is the same way. You go to a conference or read a book and get motivated. Then those old comfortable habits creep in stealing your momentum.

I want to share 4 easy steps I use in my own career that help me to overcome the old me and focus on the new normal.

1. Don’t just listen, understand – You can’t learn the technique without really understanding the foundation of why. Ask questions, dig deep. Don’t take things in their completed phase, learn to reverse engineer it to understand why it was created in the first place. Then see if the technique truly aligns with your needs. If it does than you can confidently move forward.

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