BECU’s Howie Wu Shows How Mobile Deposit Provides a Benefits Bonanza for Small Businesses


by. Mike Lawson

It’s a mobile, mobile, mobile world out there and nobody’s immune — even small businesses. To get the inside scoop on how small businesses can benefit from one of today’s coolest and most convenient services, mobile deposit, we invited BECU’s Vice President of Virtual Banking (nice title) Howie Wu on the show for an in-depth explanation.

One of the primary items we discussed was BECU’s incredible mobile services adoption rate of 200% and how it achieved such a lofty stat. In addition, we touched on the $11.5 billion credit union’s goal of having a “mobile only” membership and what it will take to get there. We also talked about some of the challenges BECU has faced with providing mobile services to its members. Very candid and helpful information from Mr. Wu. Check it out!