Best practices for creating an engaged workplace

Employee engagement does more than just boost productivity; it helps a person draw meaningful connections between their job and the purpose served by their organization. And while every department within an organization should operate under the premise that they are only as good as their people, this philosophy is particularly critical in a contact center environment.

It’s no secret, contact center agents have especially demanding roles, where high volume and mood variation among callers can leave team members feeling underappreciated and overworked. But there are some best practices that you can put in place that will help create fully engaged agents, and subsequently, elevate the overall success of your contact center.

Best Practices for Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

Define the “Why”
Engaged employees are motivated to support the mission, vision and core values of a company by giving their best effort each day. But first they must understand the “whys” behind decisions. This is vital to helping them feel a part of the process and empowered to make a difference in the lives of others. As you might imagine, transparency is key in defining the “whys” of decision-making. It’s a constant work-in-progress, requiring open lines of communication from within all levels of an organization.


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