BIN attacks are rising: Here’s how your credit union can fight back against card fraud

When it comes to preventing card fraud, issuers need all the help they can get. Fortunately, credit unions have access to a variety of tools, resources and expertise in their fight against fraudsters’ ever-changing tactics, including “brute force” BIN attacks.

Card not present (CNP) fraud is the dominant type of payment fraud Co-op is seeing among our credit union partners’ portfolios, comprising over 80% of fraud incidents across both debit and credit.

Co-op credit unions are not alone. CNP fraud activity has rapidly increased/shifted industry-wide since the start of the pandemic. According to reporting from Insider Intelligence, card-not-present fraud (CNP) accounted for an estimated *$5.72 billion in U.S. losses in 2022

One key contributor to this rise has been the increasingly bold use of BIN attacks, one of the most common types of CNP fraud.


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