Biometrics in payments – dropping our collective masks

This isn’t a discussion on the benefits of masks… but instead, how to look forward in the payments space, particularly as faces start to re-emerge and one no longer needs to pay with their passcode at the POS (and beyond). Let’s talk about the state of the biometrics space and what we can all collectively look forward to as our payment roadmaps kick back into high gear! Here are the top five trends we’re watching:

Facial Recognition Payments

Probably the easiest and most broadly used biometric payment methods today in the U.S. are Google Pay and Apple Pay. I know there are a lot of added features beyond just the biometric capabilities of FaceID and Google’s facial recognition and fingerprint capabilities. But the value of just being able to pay by scanning your facial features is something we’ve all missed at the point of sale, and now it’s part of the Orbipay platform as well, making the payment as simple as looking at your phone.


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