Bodie: Ease member ‘pain points’ with technology

Provide a fast, easy, and frictionless experience understanding your members and what they want.

Linda Bodie

Members can deposit checks using their mobile phones, but what about those who want to deposit cash without having to go to the branch?

Linda Bodie and her staff at $33 million asset Element Federal Credit Union in Charleston, W.V., heard what their members were saying and set out to find a solution.

They developed an app—Picture Cash Deposit—that allows members to take pictures of their cash. Members receive immediate credit to their account and have 24 hours to bring the bills into a branch.

It’s all about listening to members, uncovering their pain points, and finding solutions, says Bodie. “Sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t. We’re not afraid to try. That’s what credit unions need to do. Start being more creative and start thinking about your products and services.”


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