Is it time to coast yet?

West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston, West Virginia, USA.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been on the go like there’s no tomorrow. For me, sitting still was basically asking me to be bored out of my mind.

Back in my school days, I wasn’t just trying to keep up with my classes; I was all over the place. If there was a sport to be played, I was on it. Band practice? Count me in. My days kicked off before the sun was up and didn’t stop until well after it went down. Props to my parents for somehow keeping up with my non-stop energy and desire to do pretty much everything.

College was no different. I loaded up my schedule with classes, worked a couple of part-time jobs, and still managed to keep sports and hanging out with friends on my agenda. Sometimes, in those rare, quiet moments, I did ask myself, “When are you going to hit the brakes? When’s the chill time coming?”

Even now, those questions echo in my head, and guess what? My answer hasn’t changed a bit. Chill time? Taking a break? Nah, that’s not on the agenda yet. There’s just too much out there – more adventures, more milestones to hit, more of the world to explore.

Mixing things up, diving into something new, transforming my career (no, I’m not ditching credit unions!) and what lies ahead—that’s the kind of thrill I’m talking about.

I think I’ll run for public office next. Thrilling? I’m about to find out!

Running for the House of Delegates in West Virginia wasn’t initially in my plans, but life has a funny way of guiding us to unexpected places.

As I delve deeper into crafting my campaign, pinpointing the issues that resonate within my community, it hit me. This journey mirrors the essence of the credit union philosophy. The parallels between advocating for our members and serving the needs of constituents couldn’t be more aligned.

This aha moment has me pondering: Why aren’t more of us from the credit union world jumping into the political ring? Our day-to-day is all about community support, advocacy, and putting people first—skills that should make us naturals in public service. Imagine the change we could drive, the voices we could amplify, right from the heart of the action.

So, what’s the holdup? Could it be the fear of stepping into unknown territory, or maybe the intimidating vibe of politics? Or is it simply the overwhelming chaos that politics seems to be steeped in these days? It’s high time folks from the credit union world consider stepping up to the plate. We need to inject a healthy dose of common sense and genuine care into our state legislatures and municipalities.

Is it time to coast yet? Far from it. Instead, it’s the perfect moment to consider broadening our views, stretching our boundaries, and diving into fresh arenas where we can forge an even greater impact on our communities.

Linda Bodie

Linda Bodie

Linda Bodie is the CEO + Innovator at Element Federal Credit Union in Charleston, West Virginia. She loves creativity, innovation, and taking the road less traveled because it’s just more ... Web: Details