Is your boss hoping you’ll quit?

3 signs you’re being edged out

While there are various things you should never say to your boss and behaviors that can get you fired, sometimes even if you’re doing your very best work, your job may be in jeopardy. Job security is important to all of us so be mindful of these three signs, decide whether you think you’re being edged out, and step up your game to secure your position.

You have fewer responsibilities

Have you recently noticed that your workload has decreased? While it may not be apparent right away, the more free time you have at work, the more likely it is that your office duties are being taken away. If you’re aware of this change, be proactive. Step up and take on new projects and involve yourself in everything you can around the office.

You are suddenly on the periphery

Are team meetings taking place without your knowledge? Do you feel you’re on the outside looking in? There may be a specific reason why you aren’t tasked with something you feel you’d be best suited for. Sometimes others are chosen over you because they’ve been with the company longer or have expertise in a certain area that may not be your strong suit. If you genuinely feel like you deserve a shot then approach your manager and make your case. At least then they’ll know you’re taking initiative.

You’re being given the silent treatment

Did you once have a great working relationship with your boss only to feel a strong sudden shift? If you feel like things have gone south it may be because your boss is attempting to disassociate you with the company before a lay off takes place. Be careful not to read too much into things, though, as he/she may just be stretched to their limit or are having a bad day. Even if others are short with you, remember to be true to yourself. Keep your head up and if things get worse, have a discussion with your supervisor to see if there’s any way to strengthen the relationship.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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