Brand Benefits and Control

The term “Web-to-Print” is one that is familiar to most people in the document management and printing industries. But if you are a corporate marketing professional you may not be as familiar with the concept or the many ways using Web-to-Print can be an undiscovered benefit for OMNI Channel Marketing.

What is Web-to-Print?

Web-to-Print, also known as on-demand printing, remote publishing or print e-commerce, is a broad term that refers to the practice of commercial printers doing business over the Internet. Whereas in the past engaging with a printer used to be in-person with a local provider, today customers are free to use any number of print providers found online.

The Cloud has opened up opportunities for commercial printers and Cloud CCM providers to communicate and engage directly with customers online and the industry has taken note. Indeed, according to InfoTrends, the leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the digital imaging and document solutions industry, 78% of Americans use the Internet and each one spends an average of 32 hours per month online. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce approximately four trillion dollars in transactions are conducted online each year. This consumer shift has not gone unnoticed, and more and more Cloud CCM and commercial print providers are joining the online trend toward Web-to-Print.

Undiscovered Benefits

Adopting Web-to-Print can be a great advantage for marketing professionals. With Web-to-Print it is easy to do things virtually that used to require face time and hardcopy; this saves time and money, and brings a greater level of control over your communications and marketing collateral. Things like submitting print jobs, doing reviews, and designing postcards, brochures and other marketing pieces are all easily done directly on online. Other services such as variable data printing, photo manipulation and cross media marketing campaigns are all just a click away.

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