Breakthrough messaging

by. Mickie Lara

Between time spent online, watching TV, listening to radio, reading magazines or newspapers and being exposed to outdoor and locational advertising, consumers are full. The average person is inundated with hundreds – even thousands – of advertisements each day. Most simply become white noise, tuned out as nothing more than background static.

In this environment, how can you make your credit union advertising cut through the clutter?

One aspect of effective marketing communication is repetition. Repeated exposure to messages is proven to aid in consumer recall and increase awareness. Effective repetition is more that striking the same note over and over; it’s a matter of presenting your message consistently through a variety of tactics and channels that reinforce one another.

Another aspect is smart media placement. Understanding who your highest value consumers are and how they use media will help you improve the odds of your message reaching and influencing the right people in the right place at the right time. Unless you have an unlimited media budget, you have to select and negotiate media placement based on a thorough understanding of your market and your target audiences.

At Third Degree, we believe repetition and media placement are only as effective as the degree to which your message resonates.

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