Bridge the gap between Marketing and IT

Consumers today are online and tech savvy. As a result, customers expect that the companies they patronize provide a seamless service experience across all platforms: mobile, social, online and in print. Companies making inroads on managing this customer experience know that doing so is one way to stand out from the competition. But just as digitally-connected consumers are demanding a cohesive experience, it seems a cold war is breaking out between the two departments charged with delivering it – Marketing and IT.
A recent survey conducted by Accenture Interactive has exposed a serious disconnect between chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) which threatens the ability of companies to effectively manage the customer experience. The study surveyed 400 senior marketing and 250 IT executives in 10 countries representing organizations with an annual revenue of at least $500 million.  Findings point to an unhealthy relationship where these two important digital leaders do not trust each other, understand each other, or collaborate well together. The results are inefficiencies and mishaps; and it is customers who suffer.
CMOs’ say that they view IT as an “execution and delivery” provider, not a strategic partner, and that they do not believe they are getting fast enough turnaround on projects and adequate quality from the IT departments. As a result, many bypass the IT department and work with outside vendors. Nearly half (45%) of marketing executives say they would prefer to enable marketing employees to operate data and content without IT intervention. For their part, IT executives believe that marketing teams often do not understand — or appreciate — data integration or IT standards. Nearly half (49%) of CIOs say marketing pulls in technologies without consideration for IT standards and that marketing teams lack understanding of data integration.
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