Build a consumer lending portal your way

In a world where customization reigns supreme, the adage “Have it your way” resonates more than ever. Imagine having the power to truly customize your lending experience, both as a member and as a credit union. That’s precisely what a cutting-edge Consumer Lending Portal offers—a platform that empowers you to craft your ideal lending journey, providing a preferred online experience for members while delivering faster decision-making capabilities for your credit union.

Custom workflows & processes

With a Consumer Lending Portal, you’re in the driver’s seat designing your lending workflows and processes. Each credit union is unique, and this platform recognizes that. You can create unique, tailored approaches for each lending product, ensuring that the lending experience aligns perfectly with your credit union’s vision.

Cross-selling opportunities

Seizing cross-selling opportunities is crucial for credit unions looking to strengthen member relationships and boost revenue. A well-designed portal facilitates cross-selling by seamlessly integrating your Core and Loan Origination System (LOS) data. This integration allows you to identify and present relevant lending products to members, increasing the likelihood of them exploring additional financial solutions from your credit union.

Core integration

A robust Consumer Lending Portal operates in collaboration. It seamlessly integrates with your core systems, ensuring data accuracy and consistency across all your operations. This integration simplifies processes, reduces duplication of efforts, and enhances the overall efficiency of your lending operations.

The path to transformation

In conclusion, a Consumer Lending Portal empowers credit unions to take control of their lending experience. It offers customization, efficiency, and integration to elevate member satisfaction and credit union performance. With such a platform, you can have it your way, ensuring your lending operations align perfectly with your vision and member demands.

At CU NextGen, we understand that credit unions operate within a diverse ecosystem of technology solutions. A well-architected Consumer Lending Portal is designed to be agnostic, meaning it can quickly adapt to your existing core system and third-party integrations. This flexibility eliminates compatibility issues and simplifies implementation, saving time and resources.

Anthony Arizola

Anthony Arizola

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