Calculate Generator Requirements for a Credit Union

Written by Robin Remines

You can’t serve your members if you don’t have power

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, credit union leaders are reviewing their plans and taking action steps to improve their response and recovery efforts. It’s undeniably true that when federal/state/regional/local emergencies are declared and residents are REQUIRED to evacuate or shelter-in-place, there is little expected of your credit union in terms of operational services. People safety IS and always will be first on the minds of your community. Closing during this time is not only reasonable, it’s expected. But fast forward to just hours after the event when members and businesses are assessing damages and begin their recovery own recovery efforts.  All eyes are immediately upon your credit union as a resource to make their recovery happen!  Sure, your e-delivery channels are working (online banking, ATMs, etc.) but the community will look for that in-person/reassuring touch given only at your branches even while major power outages are still being addressed. Mitigating the risk of a sustained power outage with a generator plan can help meet this need.

To determine your generator needs, first look at the following:

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